The Field Information and Coordination Support Section is pleased to offer UNHCR colleagues and partners support to help professionalize needs assessment practices. Field support activities are demand-driven and may include services such as:

  • Joint needs assessment preparedness mission
  • Country or region specific information management and/or needs assessment training workshop
  • Assistance to define key information requirements (i.e. linking data activities to Strategy objectives)
  • Assistance in undertaking a secondary data review (desk review)
  • Assistance in undertaking multi-sectoral analysis
  • Assistance in analysing qualitative needs assessment data
  • Assistance in defining methodology for UNHCR assessments
  • Assistance in harmonizing assessment practices across multiple regions/situations
  • Assistance in conducting joint needs assessments
  • General questions and/or clarification on needs assessments
  • Other needs assessment requests

How to request for support

Fill in below form and submit the request for support. All UNHCR colleagues and partners are invited to get in touch. Support can range from answering a specific question to providing support to joint needs assessments at the field level.

We strive to answer your questions in a timely manner and analyse the requests to help provide more targeted assistance in the future. If we cannot support your needs, we will do our best to find someone who can. The process is simple; click on the “Request for Support” link below, answer a few basic questions around the area of service you wish to discuss and submit your request.

Note: Only physical field support mission requests will formally go to senior management (by the requesting colleague/teams). All other inquiries will be handled by field support staff and regional networks.

Request for support